Post-COVID App-based rehabilitation

DID you know that you can do your rehabilitation at home?

COVID survivors are charged with long haul symptoms that are primarily associated with pulmonary and neurological deficits.

Pulmonary deficits mainly present as limited physical fitness, inability to climb stairs, walk long distance, etc. Neurologically people notice difficulties in finding appropriate words, impaired memory, slower thought and speech.

About Reh-up 19

There are no specific commercial nor governmental solutions for COVID-19 survivors. 

This is why we decided to develop an app-based personalized, tailored rehabilitation schemes with status and progress, supervised by medical professionals including online consultations.

Our solution

  • Available on iOS, Android and Web Apps
  • contains rehabilitation movies, schemes, tutorials, tests and exercises prepared by medical professionals (pulmonologists, neurologists, psychologists, physiotherapists)
  • no time-restricted accessible (24/7)
  • supported by deep-learning

Dedicated to

  • pulmonological exercise
  • cognitive exercise
  • basic feedback
  • extensive feedback
  • individually adjusted rehabilitation schemes
  • statistics/progress reports/export to medical files
  • medical revision of the results
  • medical supervision/alerts
  • online medical consultation

How Does it Work?

easy, intuitive and user FRIENDLY tool

Reh-UP 19 works with spirometers and pulse oximeters. You can upload your data directly from the device via Bluetooth technology or enter them manually.

  • download the app to your phone or tablet (available soon)
  • fill in the admission form
  • do exercises dedicated to you
  • load your data after exercise
  • system will prepare exercises adjusted to you

If you would like to help us develop our product, please complete the survey.

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